Viva Las Advertising – #TheCosmopolitanLV

Advertising is such a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their products // services in unique ways that encourage specific action. It’s a challenge finding the right message // creative along with the appropriate marketing channel to capture the consumer’s attention long enough to get the desired outcome. Whatever that desired outcome might be. I’ve always been intrigued with what companies decide to move forward with. That final ad that hits all channels and is left for the consumer to react. Good or bad, there’s no going back.

I love seeing the latest Ad successes // Ad failures and really advertising that pushes the envelope and leaves an impression on me. I’m particularly interested in Ads that are specific to Las Vegas and its residing companies. You know, “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.” Pure. Strategic. Genius. That phrase has left a mark on this city.  Vegas is truly a unique monster and I LOVE IT.  That’s why I’ve come up with a series that discusses advertising from my city; enter Viva Las Advertising: A Vegas Grown Series.


First up #TheCosmopolitanLV,  a luxury resort located in the center of it all, but really all the resorts on the strip claim to be luxurious. So how are they capturing their audience? Besides the traditional media they’ve really gone outside the box in their marketing campaign. Coincidently they are reaching their consumers by giving them a box, a gift box to be specific 30,000 feet in the air.

Let me explain. I recently flew back home on a United Airlines flight. Nearing the end of my travels the flight attendants came through the cabin preparing for landing, but before we touched down to Vegas town they passed out gift boxes to passengers that were 21 and over. As I pondered on the box and opened it with intrigue I became ecstatic to find a strategic marketing GOLDMINE.

Take a look below …

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Each gift box contained a few cards. Thicker stock than playing cards to establish a perception of a quality brand. Doubled sided, on one side a picture to intrigue and the other a series of special offers.

Why this is a great campaign:

(1) It reaches the consumer at it’s most desired state, that is folks traveling to Las Vegas. Those who are hyped up on excitement for their vacation and can’t wait to get off the airplane to join in on the fun.

(2) The gift boxes both surprise and delight the consumer. Studies have shown this method to be effective in leaving an impression on the consumer. That impression, the warm and fuzzy feelings, leave a memorable impact that can lead to action.

(3) The gift boxes encourage action, easily and effortlessly. Why wouldn’t someone take advantage of the special offers that hide inside? It’s as simple as that, the Cosmopolitan is giving people a reason to go to their resort and that’s what stands out to the consumer.

Long story short … Bravo to  #TheCosmopolitanLV for an awesome campaign! Until next time, Viva Las Advertising.

For more information check out what the  VP of Marketing had to say about their campaign:

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