@StubHub / #FestivalPro are you ready for me?


I experienced my first ever music festival in the fall of 2014 with the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas, home of the most badass people in the U.S. (just saying). I’m ecstatic about this contest to give one lucky person the opportunity of a lifetime. I’m not going to lie, winning would be pretty dope. Furthermore, I am a branding / social media passionista  (yeah, I just made that word up, I’m a marketer DUH!) and although going to festivals for a month would be incredible; being able to brand the hell out of the awesome festivals in your package would be just as fun.

Think about it; You + Me ( .. and some guy named Dupree) = MAGIC in Real Life! 

Holler at me!


The Emerging Marketer

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