The 2017 Addy Awards #AAFLasVegas


Addy Awards Las Vegas 2017 – Recap from Jonathan Del Pozo on Vimeo.

What an event, what a fabulous group of creatives and what a privilege it was to be the Chair of this long-time American Advertising Federation (AAF) tradition.

The annual American Advertising Awards celebrate creativity in the local market and winners have an opportunity to enter their work for the regional and national competition.  There are a panel of judges that we bring from out of market who review all entries and winners are announced at our local Addy Awards Show.

I have a vivid memory of the conversation I had with the then president of the local AAF chapter after we celebrated the 2016 Addy Awards. He asked me if I was interested in being the Chair of this year’s Addy Award Show. At first, I was thrilled and honored to be asked, but also low-key unsure what that all meant and how involved this role would be. Long story short, I jumped into the deep end, picked some floaties and started on this whirlwind of a year working with my fellow comrades on the AAF Las Vegas Board to create a spectacular event. Let me tell you … it was SO much work, but overall one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

I remember the beginning days of planning, where we went to the Art Institute and met with student designers to help develop the concept with us. I totally had a complete Tim Gunn moment after we gave them direction and closed my speech with ‘Designers, Make it Work.’ It was simply fabulous! They developed the creative for the whole event and the magazine publication. The talent and dedication in these young designers is incredible and nothing short of inspiring. A reason I am so enamored by the local AAF Chapter and my fellow broad members is that we really do our best to incorporate community engagement at all levels and do a great job of creating opportunities for the next, up and coming professionals in our city.

We hosted our ‘Be Part of the Golden Age’ 2017 Addy Awards inside Cabaret Jazz at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts. An art deco inspired venue that I happen to know and love quite well as this also my place of employment. I was thrilled that our event was hosted there and that we sold out, it aligned ever so perfectly with our theme and our creatives loved it!

It was definitely a night that will go down in the history books (at least for me). Here’s to staying #Golden, #Magical & #Creative in the City of Las Vegas and beyond.


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