Grown in the City // NYC Edition

Once you get to know me you’ll learn I love to travel. That travel bug bit me years ago and I’ve never looked back. My latest adventure took me back to NYC, the first place my family touched down when we came to America. A very Prince Akeem-type of experience, excluding the royalty status in my homeland and deep pockets scenario, we were just another group of immigrants that came to America for something more.

Back then, in the early 90’s, we resided where many of my people like to call home; In The Heights, better known as Washington Heights where many Dominicans call home. I’ve visited plenty of times in my youth, but never experienced the city as an adult, a creative, whiskey drinking, grown woman who was ready to paint the city red. In short, I had a fabulous time, truly a trip to remember. There’s something magical that NYC has to offer, that no other city I’ve visited could even replicate and I’ve seen quite a bit of metropolitan cities across the globe. So there I was, off to the Big Apple, where I indulged in real NYC Pizza, mingling with my fellow Dominicans and seeing some of the sites that I wanted to revisit. NYC, I feel like you just get better with age and I thank you for allowing me to share in some of your greatness. See my quick trip recap below:

Central Park swag (2)
In These Streets at Central Park

The Big Apple’s Adulting Trip Review 

  1. NYC in June – many folks told me it would be too hot, there would be too many people, but honestly, it was pretty nice. Many locals were out of town and it was a nice sweet spot to check out the slower season post MDW.
  2. Touristy vs Traveler activities – I had a laundry list of ‘Touristy’ things that I wanted to accomplish, e.g. Empire State Building, Ellis Island/Lady Liberty, Museums. However, none of those transpired and I’m perfectly ok with that. I experienced the various cultures that make up the city, I caught the I.G. worthy images I wanted and at the end of the day, I lived like the locals. Enjoyed the food, the live music and performances that were everywhere and the quality time of my traveling companions.
  3. Where to Stay – I was fortunate enough to lodge at my amiga’s casa in Brooklyn while I was there. I prefer staying in more neighborhooded joints and roam with the locals than a hotel on any given day. I feel like that allows me to experience more of the essence of the place I’m visiting vs what you see on TV and in Movies.
  4. Fooooood – y’all … I can just say (as I smack my lip in the memory of the good good I indulged in while in NYC) the food was everything. I had some real authentic Dominican cuisine that my mama didn’t cook and I got to buy some bought ice cold President #DominicanBeer. Other spots that gave me life:
    1. Italian: EATALY – Sabbia on the Roof #ROSÈallDay // Manhattan 
    2. Indian Cuisine: Taj Kabab King #SamosasAreLife // Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    3. New York Pizza: Artichoke Pizza #SmackYoLipGood // Greenwich Village
    4. DRANK – Noorman’s Kill for over 400 types of #Whiskey & they have a delightful grill cheese menu // Williamsburg, Brooklyn
    5. Let’s be honest, there are amazing eats on nearly every corner you can’t go wrong

In short, baby girl had an incredible time in NYC. Enjoying my family & friends, food and dranks, and strolling through the city.

Until my next trip y’all #CashMeOutside

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