To Mix & Mingle #BrandBeers

We are out here and out here in numbers. I had the pleasure of joining my fellow #VegasCreatives for the American Advertising Federation’s monthly mixer #BrandBeers at Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina.

It’s such a delight to spend quality time with like minded people. I was never really into the idea of networking before. Don’t get me wrong I love connecting with people, but at networking events, I just felt that the ‘connecting’ aspect of it wasn’t really that organic. What I mean to say is that I feel many professional networking events are filled with ‘thirsty’ business card exchanges and frankly that’s not my style. I prefer getting to know a person, their passions, what motivates them before I even ask them what they do for a living. In my opinion, that piece of it is secondary to the overall act of relationship building.

In my experience, connecting with people on a deeper level beyond where they work or what they do has paid off more than the simple business card exchange dance. Simply put, people change jobs so rapidly these days how could one really keep up with those relationships. I believe you’re better off developing rapport, trust and overall feel goods with people to grow the right kind of network. A network that isn’t just there the moment you need a favor, but the kind of community that supports you, lifts you up when you need to and can honestly give you the advice to help you grow as a professional and as an individual.

So next time you get invited to a professional networking event go with an open mind, try to connect with people on who they are not what they do and be ready to mix & mingle.

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