Always Be A W(ork) I(n) P(rogress) #WIP

Life isn’t an overnight success story …

As I continue to grow and experience life I’ve finally gotten to a point where I am completely content with where I am, while still working towards the vision of who I want to become. Life and it’s many ups, downs & turnarounds are all part of the human experience. As most twenty-somethings, I tend to over analyze, be extremely impatient and find myself in an overdramatized crisis because I feel like I’m not where I’m “supposed” to be or I’m “behind” of my expectations of where I should be at this stage in my life. Honestly, that’s a whole lot of nonsense, everyone’s journey is unique to them and the timeline we perceive for ourselves holds no real value. We simply can’t plan out our circumstances that have brought us to this point right now. What I’ve learned in my short 29 years of existence is that it’s really not about “what happens to us” moreover how we choose to deal with the things that disrupt our so-called plan / timeline.

In short, I’ve finally gotten a point in my life where I’m content. Content in the sense that I’m ok with enjoying the ride, taking in the experiences and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. We really are continuous works in progress and if that’s the case there’s nothing we can gain from worrying about where we’re not at in the current moment. Please believe, I myself am not exempt from hard aches, disappoints and setbacks. What I am though is resilient and what hasn’t broken me has truly made me grow into the flowery, expressive woman I am today. I’m here because I’m still a #WIP. Be happy with how far you’ve gone, what you’ve experienced and the blessing of getting just one more day to share your magic with the world. Here’s to new adventures and unforgettable experiences!

🙏🏽💫🧡 – The Emerging Marketer

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